Friday, May 4, 2012

Colette Patterns Spring/Summer Palette Challenge

I don't know if I'm going to make the deadline on this, or even if I'll get everything done. But I intend to try to get all of these things done. My color palette consists of black, navy, cadet blue, red, maroon,  and pink. This is mostly inspired by the gingham and polka dots that have been popping up in the retro-influenced clothing in RTW and by things I've pinned on my pinterest board. But really this is a build on the gingham Beignet skirt that I made earlier, and a Chantilly dress that I made 2 years ago but never really finished and which had some fit issues. I really want to finish that dress properly and it happens that it fits my palette. Here's the fabric it's made from:

So that's my jumping-off point. Then I plan on doing a Jasmine blouse in this navy lawn with a white tie and cuffs in this white striped lawn, which was inspired by the navy and white gingham Beignet I mentioned earlier.

Next, I have another Colette pattern on the list, Ceylon. This will be made from a mix of 2 fabrics: a white and red polka-dot cotton poplin and a solid red poplin.
Apparently this is a really dress-heavy plan, since there are at least 2, perhaps 3 other dresses in this plan. First, being inspired by a photo of a field of poppies (red flowers and blue sky), I thought that this floral linen would make an excellent dress:
I'm planning to make this into a dress from the latest issue of Ottobre Woman, a fuller-skirted sundress. The next 2 dresses in line are going to be my versions of dresses I found on the Mod Cloth website. The first is a black and red dress that was called "A Cherry Good Day"which can be seen on my pinterest board here. I plan on using these 2 Butterick patterns to recreate this dress

and using black and red 100% cotton poplins:

The second Mod Cloth copy was a best seller last year, a pink
gingham halter-style dress. I don't recall the name of it but here it is:

As you can see, the bodice pieces are very similar to the Butterick on the left above and the skirt can be replicated with the one on the right. I already have the pink gingham in my stash - all I need is some white rick-rack. Finally, I plan on a denim version of the Meringue skirt from the Colette Patterns book, since I've seen so many cute denim iterations around the 'net. And I have some notion that I want to make at least 2 of the Sorbetto pattern in these fabrics:

Of course, I'd like to add a pair of sailor pants, too. Hot Patterns has a sailor pant that looks cute and I already own it. Plus, I think I have some navy linen in my stash....  But maybe I'll just stick with the Colette Clover pants pattern, since I like a slim capri pant for summer. Oh, and I want to make a fitted t-shirt with a cutout back like this one. I definitely can't pull all of this off within the challenge time frame, but since summer doesn't really start until July here, I figure I've got enough time. Still, I probably have too many ideas. Wish me luck!

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