Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Sometimes fabric shopping can be a crap shoot, especially when you have a tendency to limit yourself to the clearance rack. JoAnn's Red Tag fabrics are almost always polyester nightmares, though in the past I've found amazing treasures, like cyan-blue stretch cotton french terry, floral-print white cotton twill, and black cotton with an amazing multi-colored embroidered border.

A few Saturdays ago a trip to JoAnn's ended up being one of those really good days for finding fabric, and here's what I got:

-Yellow cotton eyelet, dyed with a natural dye:

Maeve picked this out for part of her summer wardrobe. This should be fun to work with.

-Navy and white polka-dot chiffon. Yes, it's polyester, but I've been looking for a polka-dot chiffon to make the Taffy blouse from the Colette Sewing Handbook, and this fits the bill perfectly:

-White cotton stretch woven with red embroidery:

Not sure what this will be, but I'm thinking a blouse of some kind.

-Two different rayon/Spandex knits:

These will be shirts or summer dresses/tunics, I think.

-The pièce de résistance, lightweight stretch cotton sateen in red and white butterfly print on navy ground:

The printing on this fabric is phenomenal ( I know it's not obvious from this blurry photo). Normally in a dark stretch print on white fabric, when the fabric is stretched you can tell that it's printed on white because the white will show. Not this one. I've been planning a Rooibos dress but couldn't find a fabric that grabbed my eye. As soon as I saw this print it was like it shouted "Rooibos!" at me. Now I just have to buy the pattern.


  1. What a great haul!
    Can't wait to see the Rooibos! I have been tempted by that pattern many times!

  2. Hello Jen!

    Thank you for the birthday wishes. Hey, Mauve, love your fabric choices! Quite the eye you have, young lady.

    XO -Nancy