Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Sewing Goals

Okay, despite the fact that March is almost halfway over, I've got a list of things that I want to finish before the end of the month. Some of these are really easy and shouldn't take long. Others, well - let's just say I'm hopeful. The rules are that I don't have to do them in any particular order, but that I can only make projects from the list until they're all done. At the end of the month I'll make a new list for the coming month and I have to add anything that didn't get done from this month with it as a priority.

1. Finish red Beignet skirt. This will take time, as I need to completely disassemble the one I have and recut it.

2. Finish the baby quilt for my niece, Fenna. She'll be 1 in July and I really should finish it before then!

3. Piece quilt top for Lindsay's baby. She's due in May and cutting and piecing shouldn't take that long.

4. Olive corduroys for T. These are Ottobre and I already have them cut out so they should go together fairly quickly.

5. Pumpkin sweatshirt for T. Also Ottobre and also already cut out.

6. White shirt for Maeve. This has to be done no later than the end of the month so Maeve can wear it with her jumper for her Irish dance feis in Seattle. This is already traced.

7. Denim skirts (x2) for Maeve. From the most recent spring Ottobre.

8. Kiwi pants for T. The pattern is traced and ready to cut out - Ottobre.

9. Denim pants for T. Also already traced & Ottobre.

10. Brown corduroys for T. Can you tell he needs pants?

11. Spring jacket for T. Not even traced yet. Ottobre. May have to wait until next month.

12. Navy lawn Jasmine blouse. Pattern ordered. Still have to order the lawn.

13. Bathrobe for T. This has a slightly higher priority than some of the other things for him, as it's going to be a birthday present.

14. Redo my first version of the Chantilly dress. I want to be able to wear this and it requires some tweaking. May have to wait until later in the spring, though. Lower on the priorities list.

15. Plum and birdcage knit tops. Hot Patterns Deco Vibe Mighty Aphrodite Draped shirts.

So, quite a bit for me, which is unusual in that I have focused very little on sewing for myself in the past several years. But a good thing, since I now have a dress form and that can make all the difference. Seems like a lot overall, though. Not sure I can get through it all but I'm going to give it a shot.

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