Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I just want to celebrate....

First, it's the first day of autumn. Hooray! And our trip info for the Disneyworld trip came today, so more reasons to cheer!

Other reasons to celebrate:

1) In recognition of the 3rd anniversary of Bunte Fabrics, Yvonne is doing 1 giveaway every day this week on her blog. Today's giveaway is a bunch of super-cool (naturally) ribbons from Farbenmix. Hop over there and leave a comment for a chance to win.

2) I finished my Renaissance costume in time to wear it last week at the MD Ren Faire. Pictures of it in a future post.

3) Gwyneth has finally decided on her Halloween costume: she wants to be a pirate. Luckily she's not interested in being the captain (she's leaving that job to Maeve) but rather just "Pirate Gwyn", so I can make up a costume using patterns from Ottobre magazines. A post about that in the future, as well. Maeve is planning on being a female pirate captain, complete with tricorn hat, a brocade vest, and a wine-colored velvet coat. Both girls will have white shirts and tiered skirts in bright colors. It promises to be fun. Gwyn insists that she have an eyepatch, however.

4) Grandma is coming to visit this weekend so maybe I'll get a chance to do some cleaning and baking. Especially baking. And possibly even a haircut.

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